Binaural beat technology uses sound signals to synchronize brain waves.To put this techology to work you only need simple stereo headphones.

Within 20 minutes without any effort you can change the state of your consciousness and become more relaxed, intuitive, creative, spiritual... Have fun!

How to use binaural beats to improve your body, mind & soul.

Binaural beats stimulates our brain activity to operate in certain frequencies which are difficult to achieve in every day life. For example, it takes time end effort to achieve deep meditative state using classical meditative techniques and yoga practices. Instead, binaural beat technology, through the operation of the electrical activity of the human brain, can induce various states of consciousness, such as sleep, creativity, spiritual insights etc. These and other extraordinary states of consciousness correspond to unique patterns of brain wave activity.

When you know how to "install" your brainwaves into desired patterns you literally control your state of mind. Sound frequencies lower than 20 Hz, which allows this type of synchronization, are below the audible threshold. Therefore, binaural method uses various signals for the left and right ear (each ear has different frequency/tone). What the brain actually "hear" is the difference between the two actual tones. For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is played in one ear and 108 Hz is played in the other ear, a binaural beat of 8 Hz is created by the brain. All of these happen without effort.

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Composed with intention.
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We invested over 15 years of hard work, frequency research, testing, spiritual studies and practices.
Among first European brainwave editions (since 2002).

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This is pleasant music, without the annoying tones like those used in most of brainwave music market.
More effective than classical music.

Perfectly Suited...

• If you are tired, irritable or even suffering from a serious illness.
• If you longing for deep and meaningful spiritual experience.
• If you want to speed up your spiritual development.
• If you like New Age music.
• If you want background music for your massage, yoga, healing treatments, hypnotherapy etc.
• If you want to open your chakras.
• If you want to alter alpha, theta or delta states of consciousness.
• If you wish to deeply relax


How to be More Creative, Solve Problems and Find New Ideas?
By listening to our "Alpha" binaural beats you will quickly enter beneficial alpha state of mind and unlock your potentials.

When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows down from fast Beta waveforms to gentler Alfa waves. Your awareness expands. Fresh creative energy starts to flow. Fears disappear. You experience a liberating peace and wellbeing. Alpha program is most commonly recommended for stress treatment.

Choose the Alpha program when you desire to achieve a deep relaxation state which is so important for your health and wellbeing.

Improved memory and achieving relaxed states are only some benefits gained by listening to this music.

Total Playtime: 30:37

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Angel Invocation

How to Meet Angels?
The Angel Invocation music makes this easy by expanding your consciousness.

Angels are real. You can invoke them, feel and experience. The first step is to expand your consciousness. The Angel Invocation music makes this easy. This is where all reason ends... and a direct experience begins. Use headphones to obtain the strongest effect. Enjoy!


1. Invocation
2. Arrival
3. State of Grace

Angel Invocation is specially programmed brainwave music which includes gamma frequencies.

A is tuned to 432 Hz.

Total Playtime: 44:71

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Positive Mind

How to Feel Deep Relaxation, Wellbeing and Calmness?
By using "Positive mind" Mp3 your body and mind are almost instantly linked to long-lasting feeling of presence and of silent joy.

According to scientists research, targeted sound frequencies helps in endorphin, serotonin and enkephalin activation; the body's natural chemicals and enzymes that are due for a good mood and feeling of happiness. "Positive mind" Mp3 is especially programmed brainwave music whose sound frequencies stimulate the feeling of deep relaxation, wellbeing and calmness.


» Pure Brainwave Sound

» Brainwave Sound & Background Music

Total Playtime: 44:71

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Brain Massage

How To Do Deep Relaxation?
Musical vibrations of this Mp3 help you to overcome even the most stressful situations and disturbing emotions.

"Brain Massage" is specially programmed brainwave music for deep relaxation.This Mp3 stimulates your brain to induce brain waves that correspond to a deep relaxation and provide a holistic massage to the listener.

Total Playtime: 40:37

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Weight Reduction & Relaxation Brainwave Music

How to Lose Weight With Music Frequencies?
This specially programmed music will help you achieve a calmer and happier state of mind, and consequently can reduce the excessive need for food.

Weight Reduction & Relaxation Brainwave Music Mp3is based on the findings of scientific studies conducted by Barbara Hero and the International Lambdoma Research Institute. Sound waves were passed through each organ of the human body, and using mathematical formulas based on the speed of sound their optimal frequency was calculated.

With specially selected sound frequencies this Mp3 may help trigger the release of excess fat cells from your body while encouraging and stimulating the growth of muscle tissue. It is a well known fact that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissues does, so an increase in muscle mass will increase the number of calories that your body burns, resulting in a possible weight reduction.

» Dissatisfaction with your own body can lead to depression and overeating. People with eating disorders often feel as if they are not good enough.

» Weight Reduction & Relaxation Brainwave Music Mp3 assists you in making changes that come from within.

» This Mp3 will help you achieve a calmer and happier state of mind, and consequently can reduce the excessive need for food.

Frequencies used:

Fat cells: 295.8 Hz
Muscles: 324 Hz
Serotonin: 10 Hz

Total Playtime: 29:25

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Meditative & Healing Music

Looking for the Ideal Musical Mood Shifter to Put You in a State of Wellbeing, Meditation and Relaxation?
This specially programmed music will help you achieve a calmer state of mind within 15-30 minutes.


» track 1. STREAM OF LIFE;
Alpha brain waves are generated. Balancing and synchronizing the left and right brain sides.

» track 2. ATLANTIS;
The following waves are gradually generated: alpha, theta and all up to delta waves. The listener is led into deep states of consciousness, creativity, inspiration, state of increased susceptibility for mind programming and learning, intuitive insights on self and the world around oneself.

» track 3. TOUCH OF TIBET;
Delta brain waves are generated which resonate in a deep dream, regeneration and healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reaching a deep meditation.

Total Playtime: 53:16

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Theta Meditation

How To Quickly Increase Creativity, Awaken Intuition and Other Abilities of Extrasensory Perception.
By listening to our "Theta Meditation" specially programmed music you will easily achieve a very deep meditation and many more spiritual experiences.

If we relax more deeply, we enter the mysterious Theta condition in which the brain activity slows down almost totally to the point of sleep. Theta waves are associated with dreaming sleep, super learning, creativity, daydreaming and deep meditation. They are also associated with emotional surges, self-reprogramming and spiritual experiences.

Total Playtime: 61:48

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Delta Meditation

Having Trouble Getting the Sleep You Need?
"Delta Meditation" ensure dreamless state that allows your body and mind to rest.

Delta brainwaves are the lowest in brainwave frequency ranging from 0 - 4 Hz. They are considered the most relaxing brainwave frequency range and are commonly associated with the deepest sleep and a state of unconscious awareness.

Benefits of increasing delta brainwaves:

» Advanced mind/body healing
» Deep relaxation
» Connection with unconscious mind
» Enhanced intuition and psychic skills
» Conductivity to divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, "one with the universe" experiences (samadhi)
» Immune system strengthening
» Reducing amount of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress and aging
» Increasing levels of DHEA hormone (which helps slow or reverse the aging process, improves thinking skills in older people, slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease)

Total Playtime: 39:44

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Pure Awareness

How to Achieve Pure Consciousness?
Listening to this specially programmed Mp3 enables a fast and direct cognition - we are not thoughts or emotions, but endless space within which thoughts and emotions occur.


By separating from the mind one reaches a level of inexpressible silence and emptiness that is full of potential. Feelings of bliss, ecstasy and joy of being naturally appear, thus attaining the deep peace that we have been aspiring to our entire life, the embrace of the Cosmic Mother.

After the meditation one would revert to the daily routine, but nothing would be the same.
Imbued with a new quality of consciousness manifesting itself in everything we do, we become walking saints, awake and established in our real nature. We become aware of our own consciousness.

Benefits of listening to this Mp3:

» feeling of serenity
» reduction of pain
» deep physical and mental relaxation
» opening of the heart chakra
» opening of the third eye chakra
» more effective meditation
» feeling of connection with the Cosmos

Total Playtime: 61:26

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Grounding & Healing Music

How Music Heals?

"Grounding & Healing Music" is specially programmed brainwave Mp3 for synchronization of both cerebral hemispheres with many beneficial effects.

Anemona - Grounding and healing music symbolizes a circle of returning to inner self and reconnecting with what was so near, yet we had to travel a great journey to discover it. We weren’t able to see it because we only saw the greatness of Earth. We couldn’t hear our own heart beats, yet they couldn’t be closer to us.
This Mp3 is my present to all of you who are ready for closing one part of spiritual journey. The journey itself does not finish, the journey now goes in a whole new direction. Although, as an author I have difficulties when it comes to talking about my own music, this time I feel the need to express myself and to share with you how my newest Mp3 affects me.

» Composition that goes by the name “Shaman” reminds me of walking on a path of holiness and kindness. It has something very encouraging hidden in it. As a result, I feel broadly life support, connected in one with life and people around me. Even though it often doesn’t seem to be like that, we are not desolate travelers. Ego can dissolve in experiencing the Truth. That is the message of Shaman whose spirit watches over us.

» Composition whose name is “Gaia” reminds me of a journey to the center of Mother Earth, that is, to the center of my own being which resides in the heart. The effect is so calming that thoughts and emotions are at peace and harmonized. I feel awake in the point of here and now, centered within myself. This is tremendous help when working with techniques whose goal is experiencing awareness and present (Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown). I feel Gaia (Earth, Mother) as if it's alive and through that feeling I become vivid, complete and real.

Other positive effects after listening this Mp3:

» Anti-stress effect (reduction and/or termination of headache)
» Grounding (balancing energy in the body, shifting energy across meridians, energetic charge to lower part of aura)
» Enhanced flow of prana in the body
» Letting go of fears (through dreams)
» Quicker materialization/manifestation of desired goals (fast, sometimes immediately, manifesting ideas through specifically form)
» High level of relaxation
» Synchronization of both cerebral hemispheres with many additional effects (e.g. creative thinking, seeing thing more clearly, better mood, etc.)
» Better understanding for neighborhood and enhanced feeling of empathy
» Accepting reality, accepting myself and accepting people in my environment
» Reduction of excessive mental activity
» Stronger and healthier connection with my own body and the substance of things
» Faster transition into the realm of dreams

As it was necessary for previous titles to have headphones for experiencing a complete effect of vibrations, it is necessary for this CD as well.

Recommended time of usage is 40 minutes a day. (According to your intuition the time usage can be decreased or increased, without any side affects).

Total Playtime: 40:41

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Astral Projection & Lucid Dream

How to Achieve Astral Projection & Lucid Dream?
"Astral Projection & Lucid Dream" easily stimulates expansion of consciousness outside the limits of the physical body.

In a lucid dream a dreamer is aware of himself dreaming and can consciously manipulate with this experience. Such dreams can be extremely vivid, dependent on one's momentary level of consciousness. A lucid dream is also a stepping-stone to achieve an astral projection. Astral projection (or astral travel) is the experience of leaving our physical body to consciously travel in our subtle (astral) body into higher, astral levels of existence.

Although everyone can experience lucid dreams and astral projection, they very rarely occur spontaneously or they can occur only after a rather long and committed spiritual practice. Brainwave audio technology facilitates and enhances this process.

The specific sound vibrations affect the listener's brain thus inducing conditions necessary for the conscious stimulation of lucid dreams and astral projection.

Listening to the Astral Projection MP3 stimulates:

» body relaxation

» expansion of consciousness outside the limits of the physical body

» vivid dreams

» dream remembrance and clarity

» lucid dreaming

» conscious out-of-body projection.

The best effect is obtained by listening to the MP3 with stereo headphones. Just before sleep lie on your back, close your eyes and listen to the music. Adjust the volume to suit you best and immerse into the music.

A genuine astral projection is frequently accompanied by buzzing and hissing sounds, stiffness of the physical body, various visual manifestations as well as other transient sensations. This MP3 is therefore intended to be used only by the advanced practitioners of self-development familiar with this domain.

Total Playtime: 57:40

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Solfeggio Frequency

How To Use Powerful Sounds to Avaken Your Spirit and Get More Health and Harmony?
By exposing the mind and body to the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of harmony and deep healing.

These original sound frequencies were used in the ancient Gregorian chant, like a magnificent hymn to Saint John the Baptist. It is believed that harmonious singing of these melodies and their specific tones can provide spiritual blessings.Solfeggio Frequencies are ancient harmonic tones said to create miracles in the lives of those who listen. Inspired by his mistic experience, Dr. Joseph S. Puleo found six original sound frequency in the Bible's Book of Numbers! Discovered frequencies are: 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz and 852 Hz ; corresponding to the old Solfeggio scale.

"Solfeggio Frequency" Mp3 is based on the above six Solfeggio frequencies and includes 6 instrumental tracks of up to 108 minutes.

The Six Solfeggio frequencies include:

396 Hz » Liberatiog from guilt and fear
417 Hz » Undoing situations and facilitating change
528 Hz » Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
639 Hz » Connecting/relationships
741 Hz » Awakening intuition (opening the third eye)
852 Hz » Returning to the spiritual order

Total Playtime: 58:43

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How can you easily achieve a harmonious state of the whole body?
"E-chakra" Mp3 is composed using various frequency bands which cause a positive energizing and balancing effect.

Anemona "E-chakra" Mp3 is composed using various frequency bands which cause a positive energizing and balancing effect, as well as reaching a harmonious state of the whole body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, even when being listened with stereo headphones for a couple of minutes.

» REMARK: While listening the Mp3, certain cleansing sensations are possible (pressure, shivers, nausea, aches, releasing emotions and tensions...) which occur due to the energy flow being regulated (chakras and meridians). If you experience these or similar sensations, please carefully dose using the Mp3.

Total Playtime: 37:11

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Brainwave Music for Cats and Dogs

Brainwave Pet Music Therapy Helps Your Dog or Cat to Calm, Relax and Sleep.

Ideal if Your Cat or Dog Suffers from: Anxiety, Sleeping Problems, Fear While Home Alone.

What kind of music do cats and dogs prefer? One discovery revealed that the frequencies of animals brain waves are located primarily in the theta range where heightened intuition and emotion dominate. This discovery can explain how animals sense earthquakes in advance or how pets sense when their owners will return home. "Brainwave Music for Cats and Dogs" Mp3 is composed using theta frequency which cause a positive effect on your pet.

Music that has been designed with this in mind can soothe dogs, cats, or other pets if they are suffering from:

» stress,
» anxiety,
» fear,
» aggression,
» depression,
» pain, or
» surgery recovery

Since your pet is naturally in a theta brain-wave state, this brainwave Mp3 generates theta frequencies, thus helping it stay relaxed and calm.

Play this Mp3 as background music for your pet when it is home alone in order to ensure a comforting, nurturing, and relaxing atmosphere.

Suitable for humans too!

Total Playtime: 38:30

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Marijuana Binaural Beat

Searching for Legal Marijuana Substitute?
Musical vibrations of this Mp3 replicates only the positive effects of psychoactive substances.

Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa L.; hemp) effectively increases the alpha brainwave activity, which is why people who consume it in the form of smoking feel relaxed. However, there are possible harmful side effects to the drug, especially if it contains a high percentage of THC, that include hallucinations, impaired motor skills, etc.

My goal is to create and promote alternative and completely harmless ways of achieving relaxation. Brainwave music, due to the specificity of its creation, is one such effective method.

"Marijuana Binaural Beat" brainwave music replicates only the positive effects of psychoactive substances and offers an alternative to their use in its original form, which may be harmful or legally prohibited.

Daniel Postruzin

Total Playtime: 01:01:49

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Orgone Music

Searching for Brainwave Music that is Reaaaaallllllyyyyyy Fun?
Specially programmed brainwave music tuned to 432 Hz.

Sound frequencies of this music guide you along the path of your energetic initiation, as if you are inside a dream that is surrounded by reality.

"Electro Shaman" gently starts your initiation. The deep sounds are corresponding with the subconscious processes, as the spiritual spark inherent to every human is being flared up. Mother Nature is supporting this process.

"Ascending" is a phase where your energy is starting to move and is being aroused. Your creativity is awakening.

"Breakthrough" symbolizes the point of no return. The new consciousness and a determined spiritual intention is being born.

"New Beginning" is the level of inspiration and openning of the heart chakra. Pure and sublime emotions are guiding you on your new path – the one that enlightened masters walk.

"Orgone" symbolizes our true homeland, lasting existence in the high spiritual frequencies.

CD tracks:
1. Electro Shaman 10:50
2. Ascending 10:40
3. Breakthrough 7:31
4. New Beginning 6:00
5. Orgone 21:18

Frequencies used:
Track 1, 2 & 3: 999 Hz – energy and creativity activation
Track 4 & 5: 528 Hz – solfeggio frequencies, opening of the heart chakra

A is tuned to 432 Hz to insure beauty and harmony of the sound with the natural/cosmic patterns.

Total Playtime: 56:21

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Chakra Music

How to Best Align and Heal your Chakras with Powerful Chakra Music Set?
Each Mp3 is specially programmed for one of the 7 main chakras, works systematically and very efficiently on their awakening, opening and balancing.

Chakra Music is attuned to the sounds of the planets of our Solar System. While listening to these Mp3 chakra frequencies harmonize with frequencies of the sounds, thus regaining their original and optimal vibrations.

The music increases the quality of a particular chakra, and also transforms psychophysical blockages, thus breaking the blocks of energy/consciousness and purifying the chakra exposed to the sounds. This process is activated within the first 30 minutes of listening to manifest itself at some time in different ways (anxiety, fears, frequent mood changes, or a number of pleasant sensations like feelings of joy, relief, development of inner strength, etc.).


» Because of its strong effects Anemona Chakra Music is recommended to advanced practitioners, especially therapists.

» The best effect is obtained by listening to the Mp3 just before sleep, for not longer than 60 minutes.

Total Playtime Over 1.4 Hours

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Music of Vitamins

By listening to the Anemona Music Of Vitamins the absorption of vitamins A, C & E and minerals to your body is being considerably facilitated.

Everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis.

Quantum physics proved that all matter is comprised of subatomic particles with positive and negative electrical charge. Therefore, we are electrical beings and so is our universe and everything in it. Through this discovery, it was determined that every form of chemical or physical matter has a specific, measurable frequency. Barbara Hero and The International Lambdoma Research Institute discovered frequencies of vitamins and minerals that are contained in human body.

Sounds on the Anemona Music of Vitamins Mp3 include these frequencies, thus enabling the listener's energy body to resonate with and attune to the specific vibrations of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, through this proccess these frequencies can clear energy blockages that could be preventing your physical body from absorbing specific vitamins and minerals. By listening to these frequencies and eating the corresponding foods, a harmonic state of being might be induced.

For example, by listening to the frequency of the calcium the cells of the body will receive the vibration; and when the person eats foods that contain calcium, the body will resonate with this vibration and absorb the calcium.

1 / Calcium - 320 hz
2 / Chromium and Magnesium - 384 hz
3 / Copper - 464 hz
4 / Iodine - 424 hz
5 / Iron - 416 hz
6 / Manganese - 400hz
7 / Molybdenum - 336 hz
8 / Phosphorus and Zinc - 480 hz
9 / Potassium - 304 hz
10 / Selenium - 272 hz

Total Playtime: 69:43

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How to Soothe Your Baby to Sleep?
Playing this music during bed time preparations helps babies and small children to calm down and fall asleep much more easily.

"Baby" CD represents a wonderful way to enrich your baby's development.Uniquely appropriate for babies and children up to 36 months old, this CD is just as pleasant for older children as well as other listeners, and as such makes up an effective and irreplaceable aid to tired and tense mothers.

CD elements:
» subtle calming and soothing melody

» nature sounds

» heart beats

Total Playtime: 57:43

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Brainwave Office Music

Great uplifting, optimistic and positive instrumental background brainwave music for yor work, office, store, presentation, event and more!
Anemona "Office Brainwave Music" is composed using various frequency bands (alpha/beta brainwaves) which cause a positive energizing effect in only a few minutes of listening, with or without stereo headphones.

Total Playtime: 57:37

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Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

Additional Solfeggio Frequencies.
This album contains 3 additional solfeggio frequencies - 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 963 Hz

Total Playtime: 60:54

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Soul Journey

This album contains 9 Hz frequencie.

What is this music designed for?

»You can use it as background music for your meditation practice.
»It is multidimensional and designed to help you connect to your own heart and soul.
» It can expand your perception of the world that surrounds you, help you to truly love yourself and others.
» Frequency of the music may induce cleansing or balancing of a particular chakra (you will feel a pleasant flow of energy), which is a sign of correction of the problem that prevents your future development (eg. self-esteem).
» You might receive specific insights into the essence of some of your problems, or inspiration in any field of activity.
» You may receive vivid images that represent your true desires. Actually, it is your heart content that is revealing itself to you and the images that you see/feel represent an aspect of your potential future.

Total Playtime: 41:34

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8 Hz

Brain Hemispheric Synchronization Music

Alpha brain waves are generated. Balancing and synchronizing the left and right brain sides.

Total Playtime: 40:50

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” Anemona Brainwave CDs are present in my family for few years, from the time when we bought your Meditative & Healing Music. Since then we are your loyal fans. In fact, my daughter had problems with insomnia, and if she even fell asleep, she had severe nightmares. I hardly believed, but my daughter was asleep before the end of playtime of this CD and her nightmares are gone. Now the whole family is waiting for their turn to play this music. Even the grandmother, who can't even pronounce 'brainwave' listen to Positive Mind because she feel much better and happier and says 'she is not in the coma'. ”

” Dear Daniel, I have to admit that this is a very unique experience. I listened to different types of so-called meditative music, which I would rather call relaxing music, but this is the first time I had this kind of experience. What happend? I played music, lie down while my head was full of thoughts. Then I started to concentrate on the sounds and music, which takes me to disembodied state. I didn't sleep and I had a certain consciousness of myself, but I was completely calm. I was very curious what feelings will arouse with Touch of Tibet, but I always fall asleep during that track. I can't wait to hear your next project! ”

” I use Alpha with older children and they have a really nice rest time. Even those kids who have always complained that they will not sleep, now push me for playing this music because they 'better rest with music'. ”
Best regards,
Katarina Seravic

” The moment I saw an offer for your music, I knew that I must have it. I had no peace, neither I nor others around me, until this music came to my home. First I listened to Alpha CD, because I watched a TV show about alpha frequency of the brain, and I was just intrigued by this CD. I started to listen it very tired, and I end up like I was reborn. My friend and I have become dependent on this CD. Another CD I bought was the E-chakra, with which I merged with the ground. My body was gone, I could not run. The feeling was wonderful. Now when I listen I can feel huge heat on my hands, I guess my chakras are opening. Peace and relaxation are not strong enough words to describe the effect of your music to me. ”
Thank you,
E. T. K.

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