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Angel Invocation CD

How to Meet Angels.

The Angel Invocation music makes this easy by expanding your consciousness.


Angels are real. You can invoke them, feel and experience. The first step is to expand your consciousness. The Angel Invocation music makes this easy. This is where all reason ends... and a direct experience begins. Use headphones to obtain the strongest effect. Enjoy!


1. Invocation
2. Arrival
3. State of Grace


Angel Invocation is specially programmed brainwave music which includes gamma frequencies.

A is tuned to 432 Hz.

Binaural beat technology uses sound signals to synchronize brain waves. Sound frequencies lower than 20 Hz, which allows this type of synchronization, are below the audible threshold. Therefore, binaural method uses various signals for the left and right ear (each ear has different frequency/tone). What the brain actually "hear" is the difference between the two actual tones. For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is played in one ear and 108 Hz is played in the other ear, a binaural beat of 8 Hz is created by the brain.

The process takes only 15-30 minutes.

To put this techology to work you only need simple stereo headphones. You don't need any other special skills or practice.

What makes us different is that the author of this music achieved the goal to make pleasant music, avoiding the annoying tones and bad production like those used in most of brainwave music market. In this CDs he invested over 15 years of hard work, frequency research, spiritual studies and practices.

NEW generation of spiritual brainwave music - All music composed with intention.

Over 112.561 people buy our products because of their effectiveness.

NO subliminals.

More effective than most classical music.



Perfectly Suited...

If you are tired, irritable or even suffering from a serious illness.

If you longing for deep and meaningful spiritual experience.
If you want to speed up your spiritual development.
If you like New Age music.
If you want background music for your massage, yoga, healing treatments, hypnotherapy etc.


Total Playtime: 44:71




















Beautiful relaxing music gives a feeling of well being.
Cindy Chafer


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