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” During my whole pregnancy I listened to your Baby Anemona CD. Great deal! ”

” I have 4 Your CDs : Baby, Alpha, Brain Massage and Positive Mind. When I work with children I'm mostly using Alpha and Baby, because children have a best respond to them. I worked in a children daycare and we have listened to the Baby CD at lunchtime, because kids behave very turbulent. While listening to music, we were able to feed them easilly, because they were relaxed, calm and without tears.
I thank you once again, best regards. ”
Katarina Seravic


” I have your CD Alpha for three years. I used it with my son, when he was small, for his hyperactivity. CD worked even without headphones. ”

” I use Alpha with older children and they have a really nice rest time. Even those kids who have always complained that they will not sleep, now push me for playing this music because they 'better rest with music'. ”

Best regards,
Katarina Seravic

” The moment I saw an offer for your music, I knew that I must have it. I had no peace, neither I nor others around me, until this music came to my home. First I listened to Alpha CD, because I watched a TV show about alpha frequency of the brain, and I was just intrigued by this CD. I started to listen it very tired, and I end up like I was reborn. My friend and I have become dependent on this CD. Another CD I bought was the E-chakra, with which I merged with the ground. My body was gone, I could not run. The feeling was wonderful. Now when I listen I can feel huge heat on my hands, I guess my chakras are opening. Peace and relaxation are not strong enough words to describe the effect of your music to me. ”
Thank you,
E. T. K.

” ohh nice sound.thx. ”

” Thank you.”


” Beautiful relaxing music gives a feeling of well being. ”
Cindy Chafer


” Thank you this was very helpfull to my body,mind and spirit.This was beautifull experience for me. Namaste :) ”

” this music reminds me on something I knew before I was born on Earth =) ”

” This music gets me all shivery every time. Needs more views and likes!!! ”

” beatiful music ”

” This is very nice, I will enjoy it the more I listen to it. Thanks so much for the fast shipping and the orgone as well :) Great store ”


” Thanks for this :-) ”

” Great work! I recently found your work via CDbaby and love it. I use brainwave tech with clients during breathwork and for myself when meditating. It's nice to see some fresh work coming in. keep it up!) ”
Kelly Nezat


” Anemona Brainwave CDs are present in my family for few years, from the time when we bought your Meditative & Healing Music. Since then we are your loyal fans. In fact, my daughter had problems with insomnia, and if she even fell asleep, she had severe nightmares. I hardly believed, but my daughter was asleep before the end of playtime of this CD and her nightmares are gone. Now the whole family is waiting for their turn to play this music. Even the grandmother, who can't even pronounce 'brainwave' listen to Positive Mind because she feel much better and happier and says 'she is not in the coma'. ”

” From when I first listened to it, Anemona Meditative and Healing Music became my indispensable companion in all meditation, but also during the day in the daily work. It was interesting experience first time I listen this music with headphones. It's pretty hard to describe the feeling in words, but the closest would be the feeling of connecting the right and left hemispheres in the body accompanied by a pronounced internal noise, as if they were separate prongs finally sat in adjacent slots, precisely in its place and become one, and then the heart began spread joy in the body, the aura, the space around me, the city ... the whole universe. A similar, but also a completely individual, experiences my friends had when I play this CD to them. Beside rapidly obtaining a deep meditative state, easily without effort, I noticed a fast reaching in the high concentration during learning, both with myself and my daughter. Once, my daughter was supposed to learn a great amount of material for exam. In some ordinary circumstances, she needs hours of study. But with Anemona CD she mastered the subject in only 40 minutes and got an A on the exam. Daniel, thank you for this wonderful CD. My life is much more easier, creative and playful. ”

” CD is an extremely practical and spontaneous material for quick entry into the meditative state, in particular the second and third track. This is an ideal method for inducing natural relaxing just before bedtime, which leads to a much better and deeper sleep. I am very curious about your new CD, so I am ordering it now. Wish you have a lot of success in your work! ”
Best regards,

” Dear Daniel, I have to admit that this is a very unique experience. I listened to different types of so-called meditative music, which I would rather call relaxing music, but this is the first time I had this kind of experience. What happend? I played music, lie down while my head was full of thoughts. Then I started to concentrate on the sounds and music, which takes me to disembodied state. I didn't sleep and I had a certain consciousness of myself, but I was completely calm. I was very curious what feelings will arouse with Touch of Tibet, but I always fall asleep during that track. I can't wait to hear your next project! ”

” I listened to Meditative and Healing Music before sleeping time. I had the impression like there is Amazonian forest in my head, where music levitates from left to right, up and down! It was so wonderfull and music was literally in me, and not something you hear from outside. ”
Regards & thanks


” thank you..bro...”

” I had many pleasant visions, just the first time listening to this :) ”


"I got this! I'm impressed :D”


” Thank you so much! It soothed my headache. ”

” Native american? indians!! Love it!!!! x ”

” Nicely done, Keep posting things like? these plese!! ”


” I love it. the feeling is heavenly. ”

” Very pretty, but also a little eerie. ”

” Ooh this is cool. Thank you so much for the nice gifts as well. You have a wonderful store :) ”
Dana (Danaeh)


” Hi Daniel, Not sure how to contact you other than to friend request you! Just wanted to say how much your solfeggio freq has had an effect on me! found it on itunes earlier this year while looking for for solf harmonics... it has inspired me to make an acoustic
dome for listening to it and other like-minded pieces...like a sacred space environment. i wanted to ask your permission and to pass on my appreciation and thanks. ”
Sarah Quinlan, Australia

” Hi I just found your cd on spotify and went in and bought it. Really like it and you work. Would be great to get to know more about it. "
Arngrim Larsen

” Its fact that since last one year & so i have been doing intense study & research regarding sound tracks for health & wellbeings & at last found your products to be the most effective ones.”
Rajiv Sahoo, India

” LOVE your stuff!!!! :) ”
Laureen Tarantino

” beautiful and so helping, healing ”

” AWESOME!!! ”

” GOOD SHOT, as long as it is helpfull. That is what counts.. I think it is good. ”

” whattttt this is amazing good job... ”

” thank you for this beauty sounds...”

” Damn thats cool!!! ”


” After Alpha, another CD I bought was the E-chakra, with which I merged with the ground. My body was gone, I could not run. The feeling was wonderful. Now when I listen I can feel huge heat on my hands, I guess my chakras are opening. Peace and relaxation are not strong enough words to describe the effect of your music to me. ”
Thank you,
E. T. K.

” Very mystical sound. I kind of like it. Take care! ”


” My cat started to purr, play around and meow to me for a neck scratch then pushing her head to my hand and moving her tail in happiness!! This thing is AMAZING, thnx for uploading this! ”

” my cat fell asleep ”

” my kitty fell asleep O: ”

” Played this for my jack russel ....a few times. She was running around all over, now she's curled up asleep. Um, I'm sleepy too ”

Alicia Rossi

” OMG!!! My kitten, Pandora, fell asleep!!! :D ”

” holy crap! My puppy actually paid attention to this and lay down for the first time in 3 days! ”

” This is amazing, my kitten just fell asleep ”

” This is awesome. My cat just fell asleep. ”
Lupo Pumba

” My kitten is FINALLY asleep. THANK YOU, JESUS! Now I can sleep! ”


” Dear Daniel, today I called your office because I had several questions about the Chakra music set and had the great pleasure to talk to your sister Diana. Diana asked me to write a part of our conversation to you in the mail, which is a great pleasure because I can express my gratitude for this wonderful set and want to share my testimonial. I am a yoga teacher with long practice, I tried a variety of meditation techniques, work on chakras, spiritual and physical level, etc. But none of this techniques didn't excited me as this sound therapy that you create; strong, deep, full, fast-acting. For me there is only one word to describe it- amazing! After a few listening effects are sensational. It is my great desire and intention that my colleagues and students become familiar with this practice as it would be a great shame not to share this valuable experience to the rest of the world. ”
Ljiljana Valkec Horvat

” I followed the given instructions and listen to all the Chakra Music CDs in two months. It was an interesting experience because I noticed 'activation' of my organs associated with each chakra I worked. For example, it was weird with first chakra CD that I could hardly bear the music playtime because my bladder filled (and whom I somehow connected with the second chakra). And then I read in the instructions that the first chakra are related to the kidneys and fears about survival. Then It became very clear to me: It is obvious that the music was cleaning my blockade, which has reflecting on the activation of the kidneys and a full bladder. Interesting sensations appear also on the other chakras. I plan to repeat this cycle of healing once or twice a year because I was convinced that it helps. I see you have a new Solfeggio Frequency and Grounding & Healing Music, and I hope to include them soon in my Anemona collection. ”
Boris Pecigos


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